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Get the Most Out of Chatting

It’s important to me you really enjoy yourself when you’re here and, if possible, make some real friends. Chat rooms are nice because they allow you to let your hair down in a non-judgmental environment. ChatWF is especially good at maintaining a safe, clean, and respectful environment. Our goal is to provide a virtual home away from home, a place where you can choose to remain anonymous and express yourselves in ways you might find difficult in other venues. However, there are things you can do to make your chat room visits even more enjoyable. Here are some things I suggest.

  1. Get Involved. While it may take some courage to dive into a busy chat room, or you might feel like you don’t know the people as well as they seem to know each other, it’s usually best to go ahead and comment, or respond to others’ comments. You don’t have to feel like you should lead the conversation but getting involved is usually much more enjoyable than watching from the side lines.
  2. Remain light hearted. Don’t take things too seriously. People who are quick to take offense have a hard time in chat rooms because of other people’s silly comments. Joking, teasing, and goofing off are normal fare for a fun chat room. Just roll with it!
  3. Be respectful. Respect is important in any relationship. Respect in a chat room means we allow others to express their views, whether we agree or not, without responding in a judgmental or harsh manner. We have visitors from all over the world and they bring with them a world view that might differ greatly from our own. Avoiding arguments and promoting peace does much to create a fun and positive environment.
  4. Be yourself. What makes group chatting especially appealing is the variety of views and personalities. You are unique, there is no one exactly like you in the world, so let that uniqueness shine through unveiled.
  5. Be safe. I’m not encouraging you to be suspicious of other people but you should be informed about the nature of chat room identities. For some people, one of the most alluring features of chat rooms is the opportunity to be anyone they choose to be. For this reason, it would be unwise to assume the other person is who they say they are. The best approach is just to go with the flow. If they say they’re female then go with it. Of course, if you’re looking for a relationship this can be tricky. ChatWF is not a dating service so it would be best to use another site if that’s your goal. Even so, you might find you’re attracted to someone you meet here. If that happens it’s best to verify their real identity early as possible to avoid any hurt feelings. Don’t trust Facebook profiles as these are easily faked. Use the audio/video feature in ChatWF to speak to the person face-to-face. It would even be good to ask to see some ID. It might sound extreme but if they’re willing to pursue a relationship with you they’ll be willing to do that. Ask nicely, lol.
  6. Be smart. I don’t suggest you use your real name in the chat. I also urge you never give out personal information, like social media accounts, your phone number, your address, etc. Most of our visitors are here for recreation but we must believe there may be some who enter for more nefarious purposes. To protect your identity, and your family, always be careful. If you decide to meet someone in person that should only be done after you have verified their identity and have spoken to them face-to-face via web cam. Meet only in a public place and somewhere you can see them at a distance before meeting. Don’t agree to meet them at a hotel, home, or apartment. Always take someone, or a group of friends, with you. If you feel uncomfortable listen to your gut and leave.
  7. Get help if needed. The mods and admins on the site are there to help. If you feel someone is harassing you please let them know. They cannot see private messages so you’ll have to alert them if something happens there that alarms you. Also, please ask them anything related to chatting or the site. They want to make sure you have fun and you feel comfortable.
  8. Have fun. This is my best suggestion, lol. Chat rooms are perfect places to let loose and act looney. You can be bazaar or you might choose to discuss philosophy, sports, books, music, … whatever. Have fun!

These are just a few suggestions. Your fellow chatters will have a lot more of them. I’m always interested in hearing why you enjoy ChatWF so please feel free to message me at Happy chatting 😊

Root, site admin

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